CSULB Flute Competition

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*** CSULB Flute Competition ***

2012 Winners

~~ High School ~~

1st Place - Viola Chan

2nd Place - Zachary Arend*

3rd Place - Bryan Bakar*

Honorable Mention - Yejin Oh

Honorable Mention - Dean Reeves


~~ Middle School ~~

1st Place - Joce Chae

2nd Place - Shreshta Aiyar

3rd Place - SooHyun Joo

Honorable Mention - Zoe Adler*

Honorable Mention - Josephine Lee

Honorable Mention - Aishee Mukherji*

*Student of Darrin Thaves


Competition Eligibility

Participation is based on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will accept twenty (20) applications for each area of competition. The participation fee is $30.00. Please make checks payable to: CSULB – Department of Music. CSULB Flute Competition Application

Selections should last no longer than five minutes for middle school students and seven minutes for high school students.

If you have questions, please contact Darrin Thaves: lbfluteman@verizon.net


Middle School Flutist
Grades 6 - 8
High School Flutist
Grades 9 - 12


Rena Urso -Trapani
John Barcellona


Darrin Thaves



Hue Fantasie
Sandra Bleiweiss - piano